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Application Quality

Functional Testing

We provide a functional testing services that includes both web systems and desktop applications. We work embedded in our client´s development teams, adapting to agile or waterfall methodologies. From the functional specifications, with the design of the appropriate test cases and validated with the equipment, we can detect the incidents as soon as possible. Before each version, we perform a regression to ensure that the corrections made do not affect the existing functions.

Mobile Testing

We offer this service to any company that needs to evaluate the quality of their current or developing mobile applications. Our service includes functional testing combining tests on physical devices characteristic of each range and remote devices in the cloud.Allowing our clients to provide peace of mind and security regarding you the coverage of mobile devices that the application requires.

UX Testing

We perform heuristic evaluations about the experience of your applications indicating the key points so that users can carry out the tasks in an agile and simple way. We also offer user testing where users of your application are observed and the observation of several aspects is reported: the accuracy of the tasks, the emotional experience experienced by the user, the time consumed and the memory of the tasks performed.

We provide Software Testing services assembling consolidated practices in the market, with scalability, agile methodologies and measurable efficiency



In the world of big and small data, data plays an important role in the face of digital transformation, business processes and engagement with users. They must be precise and complete, as well as updated and enriched.


Data Quality

Data Training

With the advent of machine learning, it becomes increasingly critical that algorithms and apps learn from data. If this data is incorrect or imprecise, the whole model is at risk because the algorithms find relationships, develop understanding and make decisions based on them. The better the data training, the better the model will be. For this it is key to take advantage of human intelligence to train, test and adjust manual and/or automatic learning models on a large scale. In Arbusta we work in the training of data, our experiences are based on the participation of data training projects at scalein companies of the Internet world.

Data verification & classification

The advance of Big Data and the processes of updating and migration of platforms require data verification and classification services in order to maintain the appropriate information. We support dynamics and processes to verify, tag and classify large volumes of data. Today we are responsible for keeping updated data and information in knowledge databases, business processes and critical systems of high demand.

Data cleansing y data grooming

We provide data cleansing services to eliminate incongruent, erroneous, disconnected, false, incomplete or irrelevant data that put data models at risk. Data cleansing and grooming services, unlike data verification services, not only identify the problem, but repair it aiming to achieve accurate, complete, valid, consistent, uniform and unduplicated data.

Digital backend support

In Arbusta we execute and support backend processes of our clients. Based on customized agreements we develop methodologies, protocols, processes and SLAs that allow us to execute challenging internal digital processes. Our ability to work from multiple geographies allows us to work with different shift schedules and reduce the risk of the continuity of our clients’ operations. Today we provide fraud detection and push e-commerce services to the largest e-commerce companies in Latin America.

Data crawling and data enrichment

We look for information on the internet (crawling) or in other sources generating datasets to enhance the business intelligence of our customers. Within this service we work to generate from contact databases for commercial areas to clipping of press information and reputation for digital agencies.

Content Publishing

The information of our customers is a relevant asset in the world today, not only for them but for the users who continuously consume and need it. In Arbusta we collaborate with the internal processes of content publication in CMSs, Portals and Apps, we provide an integrated solution where we include services from digital asset trimming to the publication schedule.

Moderation and management of interactions over digital channels

We manage omnichannel conversations and interactions integrating human operators and artificial intelligence. Nowadays, it is fundamental to have quality conversations with users who access through multiple channels, requiring answers to their orders. We offer them answers that understand their intentions in a unified and empathetic way. The AI ​​allows us over time to automate a large volume of responses and lower costs, increasing the satisfaction of the customer support experience of our customers. We have a strong alliance with AIVO, thanks to this we can integrate a turnkey solution for clients that need to manage their digital channels efficiently and with quality.