There are millions of young people with high potential, without training or work experience, who live in popular neighborhoods and are invisible to the market. All this generates for them very high barriers to access a job. Arbusta offers them a first job that will become new talents for the digital economy and the knowledge industry, which today does not have the talent it needs (Every year it has an unmet need for at least 10,000 new vacancies that are not covered in the IT industry in Argentina, and more than 100,000 in all of Latin America).

We are managing to generate a real job opportunity for young people who are invisible to the market

By offering them jobs in the digital economy and the knowledge industry, we are in some way proving that when the right opportunity comes, the enormous potential they have is at stake and they are able to become talents for the digital economy by providing high quality services. .

Arbusta looks with a look of possibility. We design our own methodology that allows us to identify people with high potential, and thanks to a combination of selection + training + work, we achieve that potential is deployed, it is expanded and put into play with a high added value for the company.

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The transforming force of the look of possibility



Much more than generating a job, Arbusta facilitates a turning point in the lives of people, a radical change in their future possibilities. Young people who train and go to work, usually did not imagine themselves with skills to work in technology.

The work in Arbusta has a double effect that is very powerful: on the one hand, they start a career in the IT industry, which is an industry with high growth potential and much more valued than its pre-Arbusta options; and on the other, there is a strong personal development, because it allows them to see themselves doing tasks that they had never imagined they could do and this strengthens their self-esteem, allows them to take on new responsibilities, lead projects, interact with clients and expand their possibilities. The transforming force of the look of possibility.



Arbusta is designed to break down invisible barriers to the prominence of women in the IT industry. 67% of young people erroneously called “who do not study or work” are young mothers who work in the care of their family * and part-time employment in Arbusta allows combining the two activities. In Arbusta, the team is comprised of 56% women; and the look is to increase that percentage; while in the industry, the number of women enrolled in careers related to this area is much lower than that of men (15.08% versus 84.92% *) and the gender gap is widening.



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(*2) Source:Chicas en Tecnología,Mujeres Programadoras 
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Arbusta is designed to break down the invisible barriers for the participation of women in the IT industry.