Success Story: Mamotest

Learn how we standardized 200,000 telemammography study results that were scattered across two different software systems.

The challenge

Mamotest is a company from Argentina that leverages technology to make routine studies more accessible for women, regardless of their place of residence. Operating from 13 health centers, Mamotest supports both the public and private sectors by offering telediagnosis breast examinations, ranging from digital and 3D mammography to breast ultrasounds and stereotactic biopsies. Mamotest reached out to Arbusta in order to find a comprehensive solution to a big problem: they had over 200,000 medical results, crucial for early detection and treatment of breast cancer, stored across two different software systems. They had an urgent need to consolidate their database.

The solution

Our Data Services team initiated the process of structuring and reclassifying the information stored in two distinct sources. This allowed us to extract essential data from each study and organize it according to the defined standards. To enhance efficiency, we enlisted a specialized automation team from Arbusta, which significantly improved delivery times and data quality. As a result, we successfully normalized a total of 5 terabytes of information stored in over 7,000 folders. Currently, this integrated database serves as the foundation for a prototype artificial intelligence model capable of identifying areas of risk and prioritizing studies that require urgent medical review.

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