Success story: Swiss Medical Group

We provided training to programmers, enabling them to become part of this team of top companies in the health market.

The challenge

Swiss Medical Group, a group of companies committed to safeguarding people, provides private health services, insurance, labor risk insurance, among other services, to more than 1 million associates in Argentina. Due to its extensive scope, in 2022 the organization recognized the need to address a common challenge faced by many companies worldwide: the shortage of IT talent. Swiss Medical Group embarked on a search for new programmers who could seamlessly integrate into their development teams to work on various digital products within their business systems. To address this, they enlisted our "Jumps" service, a program that enables us to assemble teams with the necessary technical and socioemotional skills to integrate into our clients' IT teams.

The solution

At Arbusta, we implemented the "Jumps" talent acceleration program, which involves recruiting young individuals with no prior experience but great potential and training them in the skills that companies require. We began the training program with a group of 5 individuals, providing them with sessions on the organization's systems, training in full stack development, agile methodologies, and essential socioemotional skills such as leadership, assertive communication, and emotional intelligence. Additionally, we included practical projects. Within a few months, these new talents successfully passed client assessments and were seamlessly integrated into the company's programming team.

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